System Reliability: Beside the Model, Why We Should Focus on the System

Picture yourself sitting in the driver’s seat of a top-of-the-line supercar, its powerful engine ready to unleash its full potential, only to be stuck in traffic for an entire hour. In that moment, the thrill of high performance feels wasted, much like the frustration of dealing with unreliable systems in AI engine.

Hey everyone, Woravee here, Head of System Engineering at Perceptra. We’ve all seen the incredible potential of AI in radiology. Powerful models can identify subtle abnormalities and improve diagnostic accuracy.(Read more) But here’s the catch: a clunky system can quickly turn this potential into frustration.

What is a good system for AI in Radiology?


At Perceptra, we believe a “good AI” goes beyond just algorithms. It’s about building a seamless system that empowers doctors, not burdens them. Here’s what defines a good AI system in radiology from our perspective;

  • User-friendly system

A good system should be user-friendly, meaning it won’t confuse users. It should provide easy-to-read results and not require a steep learning curve to utilize AI.

  • Fit to workflow

Every hospital operates differently. A “one-size-fits-all” approach to AI simply won’t work. The system should be customized to fit the existing workflow, minimizing disruption and ensuring a smooth, intuitive experience. This is precisely our approach—we customize our system to align with the needs of each hospital, ensuring optimal functionality.

  • Real-time result

Imagine this: you’re interpreting X-ray images, and you turn to AI for a second opinion. But then, you have to wait for minutes for the results. That delay can be frustrating, hindering your workflow. A good system delivers results when you need them most, keeping your workflow efficient.

  • Security

Patient data is paramount. Data breaches can have far-reaching consequences, impacting trust not just finances. That’s why no one would implement AI or any new technology without the security standards in place. At Perceptra, we adhere to the strictest industry standards, like HIPAA and PDPA. All sensitive data are de-identified before sending them securely to our AI system ensuring your data is always safeguarded.

  • Highly reliable and available

Our team is dedicated to near-zero downtime, guaranteeing our AI is there when you need it most. Proactive monitoring ensures consistent reliability. This approach minimizes manual monitoring, allowing hospital staff to focus on essential tasks.

Leadership thought

Hospitals come in a wide range of sizes and complexities, and their needs for AI solutions are equally diverse. A one-size-fits-all approach to AI simply won’t work. Our experience with various use cases has shown that solutions must be tailored to specific needs and budgets. 

For instance, our AI may need to be deployed in mobile X-ray settings, requiring offline functionality for on-site analysis. Additionally, frequent server restarts can pose challenges.

“No matter the obstacle,” says Woravee, “we are dedicated to delivering seamless integration that empowers doctors, not burdens them.”  

Our System Team isn’t just about code – it’s about revolutionizing healthcare. Our team of software engineers, DevOps engineers, and solution delivery engineers play a crucial role in ensuring customer-centric mission becomes a reality.

Solution Delivery Engineer Opportunity!

Are you a problem-solver with a passion for impact in healthcare?  We’re looking for a talented Solution Delivery Engineer to join our team!  You’ll play a key role in bridging the gap between development and real-world implementation, ensuring our AI integrates smoothly into hospital workflows.

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